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Thank you João at MoreYoga for a wonderful grounding class. Just what you needed before filming starts again tomorrow. 

Julie Montagu Triyoga teacher

João is an amazing teacher and a really cool guy. I really look forward to his classes, where he has really made yoga a big part of my life. I am not a flexible person and found it really difficult to begin with as I couldn’t touch my toes. But he has shown me that it’s not about being flexible but about listening to your body and working with your breath. He knows just how far to push each of his students and he is also really encouraging with them, beginners and advanced. Also I really enjoy his meditations which are excellent, where he even relaxes Rosie, my dog, who enjoys all his classes and looks forward to them just as much as me!

Natalie Cummings @ MoreYoga Clapham Junction

João’s classes have helped keep me sane in this crazy time. I love seeing the faces of other attendees and hearing how everyone is doing. It makes me feel less isolated. I love that each class is different and planned to meet the needs of our community as a whole. I have an intermittent bad back, which is much improved after these classes. Thank you so much! I will continue even after this period is over!

Wajeeha Nolan @ Online Classes

João’s classes are full of intention and each time unique in their sequence, often accompanied by short carefully chosen readings or quotes which reveal his outlook. Using his expertise, João is also attentive to his students and wants to help them benefit from the class as much as possible. His sense of humour and authenticity make the practice a genuine and inclusive space, where you are encouraged to find your own limits and choose what’s right for you.

Marion Bisserier @ Revive Yoga


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your Yin and Meditation classes. You teach but you don’t preach and your guidance to help us guide ourselves has given me a sense of clarity amongst the current mayhem and uncertainty. It has also thrown up some pretty wild emotions and I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to deal with them rather than bury them. Thank you for providing some much needed light in the darkness. Keep your sparkle.

Sarah Rowlands @ MoreYoga Balham

João is the best yoga teacher I met so far. He incorporates spirituality in his practice, so you can expect a truly amazing experience, not just a ‘workout’. The energy I felt during and after our sessions is what yoga is all about: releasing emotional blockages and aligning mind, body and soul 🙏❤ 

Veronica Bodgacenco @ PureGym Waterloo

Absolutely beautiful. You can feel the presence of a good teacher, it goes beyond the superficial. I’ve tried Yin before but this class has definitely touched me in a way I can’t describe. I just felt the movement in what I perceived to be stillness, so I slowed down my stillness. You’re confronted only by yourself and the teacher had the perfect balance of guiding the class but leaving us to face what’s easily avoided.

Student @ MoreYoga Clapham Junction

I started going to João’s classes a few months ago pretty much as a novice. João is a knowledgeable, thoughtful teacher whose classes are both challenging and relaxing. His approach is holistic, creating an atmosphere that is reflective and mentally calming. When I have time I like to do the Hatha followed by Yin as they work really well together.

Lisa Palin @ Dragonfly Sydenham


Great practice João is so spiritual and give his undivided attention to us during the class

Nathalie Wakim @ The Spring Battersea

João is a great teacher: patient, focused and witty. I feel really uplifted after each class.

Sir Ian Blatchford


His classes are always extremely popular with an excellent turnout – as João is such a good teacher. His deep understanding of yoga is evident as he provides incisive cues to make subtle changes that perfect our individual poses. He is attentive to each student in the class and ensures each student is able to challenge their individual abilities regardless of previous experience. In addition to the physical aspects of Yoga, he fosters in us the appreciation of the meditative and spiritual aspects that underpin Yogic practice. This is extremely important yet rare amongst teachers.

Bhavesh Patel @ PureGym Tottenham Court Road

João is an extraordinary teacher. I always enjoy starting the practice with meditation. He has a unique style; his humour always brings lightness to the class yet there is such depth as he shares wisdom and philosophy during the practice. He takes time to study each student and advises the best variation for them which is rare. Best Yin class at Battersea yoga and I’ve been to quite a few!

Student @ Battersea Yoga 

A knowledgeable and inclusive teacher with a calm and gentle approach who through his teaching instils a sense of wellbeing and confidence in his students whatever your level of ability is. He takes a very detailed approach to ensure you get the maximum from each class. A lovely sense of humour and a caring teacher. 

Christine Powell @ Wellbeing95

I have learned a lot from João; his mixture of focus and good humour is really refreshing. Every class is different and inspiring, and he always makes me laugh. His way of teaching gives you confidence no matter what level you are at. Highly recommended, even if he only has 1 joke! 😀

Siân Hamer @ MoreYoga Clapham Junction

João’s classes are my medicine – they give me exactly what I need even if on occasion I don’t yet know what that is. João is a great teacher. He always brings heaps of variety and also the right amount of “challenging” to the classes along with his fun and playful personality. I’ve cried laughing but I’ve also been moved to tears in his classes. Thank you teacher!

Marina Millan @ MoreYoga Balham

João’s teaching is grounded in astute observation, illuminating demonstration, clear instruction, positive encouragement, and meaningful adjustments. His genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga is inspiring and enlightening.

Bu van de Crommenacker Tanruangphorn @ Rize Balham


João’s classes are unlike any others I’ve found in London. If you need a practise that helps you to reconnect with not only your body, but mind and spirit, you’re in the right place.💚

Rosie Leeson @ MoreYoga Balham


I would highly recommend João’s classes – each class is carefully thought through with asanas that perfectly complement each other creating a rounded and truly holistic class.

Ailsa Feroze @ Rize Balham


João is a brilliant teacher, with great patience and knowledge. Knows my strengths and pushes me to try harder which I love

Lilly Kattenhorn @ Online Classes


The perfect combination of movement, stretching and spirituality.

Georgie Feroze @ Online Classes


London, UK
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